Molitor is an independent rock artist from Toronto, Canada. Musical style "Kanye Meets The Killers". An industrial and deliberate approach to pop music including big booming dance beats, 1980s synthesizer hooks, jangly guitar lines and powerful vocals.

Debut album coming Spring 2018 will fully evoke your saddest dances. The 23 year old artist spent 5 weeks alone on Toronto Island in the dead of winter 2017 as part of an arts residency writing new music. The stream-of-consciousness writing style, now filtered through a year of editing and production, will make you worry that the self-proclaimed "Least Famous Musician in the World" will not be that way for long.

The Saddest Boy Alive


the music is good, i think. i put my life into every sound and song and my life is on the stage. i hope you stick around for more and we become great friends.


bio#2 - born in niagara falls, ontario a place that simultaneously holds the titles of honeymoon & suicide capital of the world. flashing lights stained the iris of young molitor before he "got out" as all small town kids hope to do. his music will break your heart while you dance the night away. he just wants you to forget your mortality for a moment before going back to the godless, hopeless world you normally occupy.